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RayStake — Cardano Staking Center

Tokens staking service for Cardano. Receive rewards for staking in pools of different projects!

For owners of tokenized projects it is possible to create their own pools with custom parameters and distribute tokens with the APY set.

For Token Holders
For Project Owners
Install RayStake Applications
Desktop App

PWA desktop application for use on PCs and Macs

iOS App

PWA mobile application for iOS users

Android App

PWA mobile application for Android users

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This app does NOT use cookies or any metrics tracking tools 🍪

We are in the era of Web3 and therefore tracking statistics or integrating any other client-side scripts that track the user on this app is COMPLETELY absent.

In addition, we refuse to put the app on Goole Play or the Apple App Store - use our pure PWA app and be sure that no one is spying on you! :D